Triple Ribbon Sandwiches

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Triple Ribbon Sandwiches
Jazz up your child's lunch box or their next birthday party with these beautiful sandwiches! You can use any fillings you like.
  1. On your chopping board, lay out 3 slices of bread
  2. Using your knife, spread the pesto onto one slice of bread then top with ham
  3. Add the second slice of bread on top then add a slice of cheese or cucumber
  4. Place the third slice of bread on the top
  5. Using a sharp knife, remove all the crusts and cut into thirds, making ribbons or soldiers
  6. Place on a tray ready to serve
Recipe Notes

Chopping board
Knife for spreading

Optional Extras
1. You can use any types of spreads with the ham or any choice of fillings like chicken, tomato, egg, lettuce etc. – it’s up to you to get creative!

Adult Assistance
Slicing the sandwiches with the sparp knife and removing the crusts

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