Joanne, parent at Roseville College

Get Kids Cooking ran a wonderful afternoon for our schools Grade 3 annual Mother Daughter event. They developed a beautiful high tea menu that mums and daughters cooked together. It was a very well organised, interactive and fun afternoon. When the cooking was finished mums and daughters sat at a beautifully decorated table and enjoyed a lovely high tea together. The afternoon was a great success thanks to the efforts of Holly and her team.

Christine, Primary School Teacher

When children are involved in hands-on learning through digging and picking, or mixing and chopping, or sitting together sharing their own freshly baked fritters, or freshly made Vietnamese rolls packed with herbs from the garden, the impact is multi-faceted.

The young students have a new connection with the land and a new understanding about what it is to nurture the soil and the seeds planted. They appreciate the concept of living sustainably, show a willingness to experiment with foods and a heightened self-confidence, readily absorb and recall related information and display a wonderful appetite for more.

I believe Get Kids Cooking in conjunction with schools growing their own produce can positively affect the wellbeing not just of children, but of the land and our communities.

Vicki Johnson, Principal at Killarney Heights Public School

Get Kids Cooking has been an exciting opportunity for our students to learn about cooking, healthy eating and sustainability. They have cooked recipes using produce grown in our own school gardens such as corn fritters and Vietnamese spring rolls.

Parents are amazed that their children are eating food they normally wouldn’t even try. You are welcomed to a cooking class with rich aromas, excited chatter, and students working cooperatively in a well organised and safe environment.

We will definitely have Get Kids Cooking back for another term.

Lisa, mother of three children

My oldest daughter, Jade, has always been completely uninterested with cooking. As a result, I wasn’t sure whether she would enjoy the class or not. But when I picked her up, she said to me, “Can I come to cooking class EVERY DAY?”!!!  She absolutely LOVED it and was buzzing with excitement for about two hours after the class, and so proud to show off her cooking and to eat her own food for dinner.

Thank you so much for opening Jade up to the joy of cooking. One thing she loved about the class was being given the responsibility and independence to follow the steps on her own. My husband and I now realise that we have been too over-involved when teaching cooking at home and that we need to take a step back to help our children develop their own style of cooking.