Fruit Kebabs

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Fruit Kebabs
A fun, hands on and healthy activity to get Kids to eat their fruit
  1. The aim to is to cut all of the fruit into approximately the same size pieces. Keep this in mind as you cut the various fruit
  2. Cut the green leaves off the strawberries
  3. Cut the skin off the kiwifruit & cut into cubes (in half lengthways, in half lengthways again and then across the opposite way)
  4. Cut the top off the pineapple standing it upright on the cutting board cut all of the skin off
  5. Cut pineapple in half lengthways and then in lengthways again. Cut the hard core out and cut into chunks
  6. Pluck the grapes off the stem, ready for threading
  7. Cut the skin and white part of the watermelon off and slice into chunks
  8. Cut all skin off the rock melon, scoop out the seeds and cut into chunks
  9. Peel & cut your banana, toss in lemon juice to prevent browning
  10. You can peel your apple or leave the skin on. Then cut apple into quarters, remove core and cut into chunks - or use an apple corer
  11. Cut the pear into quarters, remove core and cut into chunks
  12. Start threading fruit onto the sticks
  13. If you want a whimsical look thread the fruit in any order as you like. If you prefer a uniform look use a pattern such as rock melon, apple, grape, pear, water melon, and end with a strawberry, then repeat so all of the kebabs look the same
Recipe Notes

Optional Extras
Use a shaped cutter (such as a star or heart) to cut melon
Do all round shaped kebabs – green grapes, red grapes, black grapes,
strawberries, melon baller to do water or rock melon
Make mini fruit kebabs using a canapé stick and add on raspberries,
large blueberries
For a special treat or a party add a marshmallow on each fruit kebab

Chopping board
Kebab sticks

Adult Assistance
Cutting the skin off the fruit as this can be tricky – especially with large/whole fruit such as melons, pineapple, whole oranges etc

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