Make a Grass Ball for Dad


This is a fun idea….making grass grow in a ball shape with the word ‘Dad’ written on the side of it. Roll a piece of absorbent cotten (about 5cm thick) into a round ball and tie string or ribbon around it to keep it in a ball. Then take some glue and write DAD in thick letters on the side of the cotton. Let it dry completely, keeping it flat so that the glue doesn’t run (if Mum is around, get her to help). After this has completely dried, wet the ball in a pan of water. Next roll out grass seed on a piece of paper. Next roll the ball in the grass seed. The grass seed won’t be able to grow on the portion that you wrote ‘Dad’ on . Make sure that the rest of the ball is covered in the grass seed. Tack the string in a dark closet (in a place your Dad won’t look) for two days. Then take the ball out and tack it in the sun. The grass will start to grow everywhere except for where you’ve glued ‘Dad’. Give this to your Dad and he will enjoy some grass that he doesn’t have to mow.

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