How to Use the Safety Food Peeler

Recently purchased the fantastic Safety Food Peeler?

Here’s a great how to video to help your kids remember how to use it. Click here to watch demonstration video.

The Safety Food Peeler is designed to help young children peel their food safely. Now children of all ages can help prepare food with a peeler that doesn’t use a blade! The Safety Food Peeler is Australian Designed and Made – and makes peeling fun for everyone!

  • BPA friendly, Dishwasher Safe
  • Safe design with no blade at all!
  • Teaches kids to use a smooth sliding action to peel food
  • Promotes independence and self reliance
  • Perfect for helping mum or dad to prepare lunch or dinner
  • Easy to use, but adult supervision is required
  • Will peel everything a normal peeler will cut, except pumpkin and children!
  • Interactive with Parents and Grandparents
  • Teaches hand eye co-ordination skills
  • Available in red, blue, pink or yellow
  • Packaging suitable for a gift