Creative Instant Snow Ideas

Wondering what you can do with your Instant Snow? Have a look at Steve Spanglers top 10 ideas on what you can do. Check it out here


*thanks to Steve Spangler Science for the tips!


How to make your own homemade Snow Globe


How to make homemade Snow Globes!

A homemade snow globe is a childhood must! You can use some plastic figurines lying about the house, or even some old LEGO pieces.




  • small glass jar
  • a plastic figurine
  • glycerin (optional: while it’s not necessary, it makes the glitter float better)
  • glitter
  • water
  • glue (we used a hot glue gun, but superglue should work too)



  1. Decide what you would like to put in your snow globe. We used a some Christmas decorations
  2. Glue, place, and stick your plastic figurine to the inside of the jar lid
  3. Fill your jar with water and/or glycerin and add glitter—1-2 teaspoons.
  4. Screw the lid on the jar — glue it if you’re concerned about your child trying to open it
  5. Shake your jar or tip it upside down to make it snow!


Make Halloween Paper Lanterns

What you need

  • sheets of orange paper or card
  • scraps of black paper or card
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • glue
  • pencil


  1. You can make big lanterns out of a whole A4 sheet, or cut the A4 sheet in half to make smaller ones.  A combination of big and small looks good.
  2. Fold your sheet of orange paper in half lengthways.
  3. Now, with the fold edge facing you, cut 1cm slits all along the length of the folded piece of paper. (Don’t cut right to the edges; just make the slits sit about 4cm from each edge).
  4. Open the piece of paper out.
  5. Now roll it into a lantern shape – secure each short edge together with a stapler to form a cylinder.
  6. Use your scraps of black paper to glue eyes, nose and a mouth onto your spooky lantern.
  7. When you have at least four lanterns, you can use a hole punch to make holes in the tops and then string them together to hang up outside your house for Halloween.

Watch the video here