Easter Show Work Experience


Are you interested in cooking or working with children?

The Get Kids Cooking team are looking for work experience staff to work during the Sydney Royal Easter Show – commencing 16th March to the 30th March.

You must be able to make your own way to Sydney Olympic Park via public transport, be strong on your feet (6 hours a day standing) and be able to complete a Police/Working with Children check.

Register your interest now for work experience with GKC at the Show via info@getkidscooking.ht.dstier2.com

Applications open – Friday 22nd January to the 31st January

10 Gift Ideas to ‘Get Kids Cooking’

10 Gift Ideas to ‘Get Kids Cooking’

Here at ‘Get Kids Cooking’ we are so passionate about fostering children’s love of cooking, that we thought we’d put together a list of gift ideas to help get them excited about being in the kitchen with you.


  1. Buy a ‘Get Kids Cooking’ Subscription 
    Cook, learn and have fun together as a family! Monthly Cooking Kits from $26.95.
    Kits include 3 or more step-by-step recipe cards, badge of the month – sew on your apron and build your collection. ‘Chitter chatter’ cards to get your family talking at the dinner table, shopping lists, craft activities and child size kitchen tools!
    Available on the ‘Get Kids Cooking’ website.
  2. Kid Safe Cooking Tools
    Make cooking time more comfortable – and safe – with tools that are made for little hands. Available on the ‘Get Kids Cooking’ website.
  3. Build your own Veggie Patch
    Kids love to get their hands dirty. Why not buy them some herbs for planting, some gardening gloves, and a kids set of gardening tools and build a small veggie patch together. Picking herbs from their very own garden for cooking gives kids such a buzz. It’s a really fun activity too.
  4. Children’s Cooking Book
    Jump on line and have a search for ‘Kids Cooking Books’; the options are endless. Find a book that would suit your child, and wrap it up for Christmas. Try letting them choose a recipe to cook once a week.
  5. Give them their own Apron
    Along with having their own cooking tools, having their own apron makes a child feel more comfortable in the kitchen. What child doesn’t love to dress up!
    You can grab one from the ‘Get Kids Cooking’ website.
  6. Take them on a Food Tour
    Exposing your kids to foods from other countries is great for curious young palates. Not only will they be tasting new things, but also learning about other cultures. Google ‘Food Tours’ in your area, you may surprised what you find!
  7. Put them in a Kids Cooking Class
    With the school holidays fast approaching, kids will be looking for fun activities to do. Why not look into kids cooking classes. Ring your local Community Centre to find out if there are kids cooking classes in your area.
  8. Build a Family Recipe Book or Box
    Sharing special recipes from family members and close friends is a wonderful way to keep the love of cooking going for your child. Make sure you note whom each recipe came from, and add some blank pages or cards for your child to continue it on.
  9. Start a compost together
    There are many ‘compost starter kits’ on the market, or you can even make your own. Kids can learn all about what can and can’t be composted. Make a list up for them. When they are in the kitchen they can add their scraps to the compost bin and end up using it on their veggie patch!
  10. Buy them a ‘Cooking Journal’
    If kids are enjoying their time in the kitchen, encourage them to write about it. They could jot down what they’ve cooked for them family, what worked, what didn’t. Some interesting ingredients they have swapped in recipes. They could even cut out recipes they’d like to try and stick it in.